June 15th, 1847 (Tuesday)

June 15, 2009

Singleton went to Ireland to help his brother fight for a Parliamentary seat in the General Election of 1847. The diary entries between 12th June and 5th July were written up retrospectively on his return, grouped under the general date and heading June 12th. For the purposes of this online publication they have been split up into their respective dates.

While at Kingstown, Sewell sent me a copy of an admirable letter that he had written to the Archbishop of Armagh, proving by reference to documents and fact, that I could not have acted otherwise than I had done about the discipline of fasting, and that it was notorious and past dispute that I had always relaxed, rather than pressed, the Founders’ Rule on the Subject. To this His Grace subsequently replied, without the smallest effort to disprove or weaken what had been urged, that ‘the opinion which he expressed in his former letter remained unaltered.’ Surely this is hard usage.

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