July 18th, 1847 (Sunday)

July 18, 2009

A letter from Mr Brett to say that he would accept our offer of receiving his nephew, (Reynolds) as a student. We had had some correspondence previously upon the subject. The difficulty was the age of the youth (16 years); but hearing so excellent a character of him from Mr Brett, who was known to us as an earnest Catholic, & the author of some sound & valuable little works, Sewell proposed his coming with the lad, (or he volunteered it) & so they came on Wednesday, I think, & we liked them both very much, as did they the College. If the boy be what we have every reason to believe he is, he will be a great acquisition as his size & age will help us wonderfully in establishing our system.

A letter also from Mr Howard who had applied for a Fellowship. He is son to the great artist of that name, & second-class of Lincoln College, a beautiful draughtsman himself, & a musician. A few days before he had come to the College, & I found him pleasing & gentlemanlike, and Sewell was satisfied that he would throw himself into the work. The letter announced that his friends were quite satisfied that he should join us. Sewell told him to bring letters of recommendation from his College Tutor, & others. This he subsequently did, & Messrs. Kay, Gage, etc all agreed in giving him an excellent character, & pronouncing him a very fit person for our purpose.

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