August 24th, 1847 (Tuesday)

August 24, 2009

Finished the tables of times and subjects for the classes, at least for the 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd forms (as Howard wishes them to be called) for I have not as yet provided for the Abcdarians.1

It is rather vexatious that we have 3 forms although only 3 boys.

The hours are different from those at Stackallan, and, as yet, we think an improvement upon them, as we have got rid of quarters of hours, dine earlier; each boy has music every day instead of every other day, (the Lecture being somewhat shorter, -) and spends ¾ of an hour every evening on Latin or Greek composition. We have also arranged to give them more time together, so that they can play a good game of cricket.

6 o’clock – rise
6 ½ to 8 – school
8 – breakfast
9 – chapel
¼ 10 to 12 – school
12 to 2 – play
2 – dinner
3 ½ to 6 – school
6 – chapel, & tea afterwards
7 ¼ to 9 – music and composition
9 – bed

This plan has also the additional advantage of getting rid of luncheons, which cause some trouble and stuffing. However, it is hard to say how things will answer till they are tried. Tomorrow we shall put the plan into practice.

Clutterbuck is likely to give us great trouble; he is evidently the first candidate for the cane; indeed, Sewell says he will be whipped before the end of the week.

1: ie. the reception class or 1st year, those still learning the alphabet ABC

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