August 31st, 1847 (Tuesday)

August 31, 2009

The last pair of Principals was got up in safety, for which we must be very thankful, as the raising of these heavy timbers is attended with danger, especially as the scaffolding appears to us to be on the verge of insecurity. The workmen have erected a small spar on one of the highest poles, from the top of which may now be seen floating in the breezes a red rag, which seems to have been intended for a less noble purpose.

Johnson is in the greatest glee. His spirits are not a little raised by Sewell telling him that, as the building is taking more time apparently than was anticipated, we shall see that he shall not lose his fair remuneration by a rigid adherence to estimate. He says that he never met with such kindness in all his life as since he has been in our employment. He deserves it, for nothing can exceed his zeal and honesty.

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