February 26th, 1848 (Saturday)

February 26, 2010

Clutterbuck and Wood (min) have been fighting, and as the case was forced on my notice by Elliott inking one ear to be as black as bruises had made the other, I called them, and gave them a lecture about the sin of Quarrelling, saying that I was not going to punish them, for that I would rather prevent fighting by promoting peace. It appears that nearly all the boys in the School urged them both to it. This is very bad, and must clearly be inhibited. I made them both promise, not to abstain from fighting, but when they were provoked, to repeat to themselves the passage, -“little children love one another”.1

Clutterbuck is a terrible baby, and a very provoking baby too, so his face is almost always like Joseph’s coat.2 He is vexatious, and then every body torments him, and even little Howard is said to have given him a dubbing, – he is such a coward. The whole question of fighting is an embarrassing one, – but must be grappled with.

Sewell came out, and also Messrs Jelf, Gordon, Stokes and Temple, all “students” of Christ Church. The last has just been appointed principle of a training school for masters under the Privy Council, who for this purpose have purchased ‘Knellar Hall.’3 Very much struck, and wonderfully respectful. Howard says that it is a marvel for the ‘Dons’ of Christ Church to shakes hands with ordinary people. I was quite innocent of the compliment thereby paid, thinking it all very natural as well as very proper. It is extraordinary to see how thoroughly our plain way of going on is understood, (for we make no difference for anybody) and also how cheerfully, as a matter of course, the position of a College is conceded to us. People do not seem to dream of our being any thing else.

Sang a metrical psalm for the first time, having determined to sing one whenever we have choral service, until we can get up a sufficient number of short anthems. Have chosen Hullah’s Book, which contains 90 grand old English tunes.4

Sewell tells me that there is an article in Frazer5 about the Journal, written in a nasty spirit. However, the first edition (500) is exhausted, and a 2nd is to be got out at once.

1: Although this is a central concept of the New Testament, this exact phrasing does not appear in the King James translation of the Bible.
2: viz the coat of many colours given by Joseph by his father Jacob, see Genesis chapter 37.
3: now the home of the Royal Military School of Music. Singleton does not point out that this was one of the locations he and Sewell had considered and rejected as a home for their new school only the previous year.
4: probably The Psalter or Psalms of David in metre, from the authorized version of Brady & Tate, with appropriate tunes set in four parts, with an accompaniment for the Organ or Piano Forte, edited by J. Hullah. London, J. W. Parker, 1843.
5: Fraser’s Magazine.

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