March 6th, 1848 (Monday)

March 6, 2010

Sewell came out with his brother Robert. Has been in London, and saw Mr Sharpe, who is unhappily far from well. The latter has had a letter from Dr Todd, to say, that he has heard that Mr Sharpe has retained the unpaid half of the £1000, until they were about to build; that they had an offer of a 30 years’ lease at Stackallan; and that there is a place (in Queen’s County, I think) which they can get for £16,000, and one near Dublin, “Hollypark”, for £4000, – but that they must build Hall, School Room and Dormitory, which will cost £1000. (I wonder what is to be their size?) Sewell says he cannot remember that a word was said about a Chapel. Mr Sharpe’s intention was to answer that he must withhold all confidence from an institution, one of whose managers, (Dr E.) had joined the National Board. Would that all people had the courage to bear witness to truth in this way!


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