March 21st, 1848 (Tuesday)

March 21, 2010

The Revd. ET Richards, from Farlington, Hants, came with a clerical friend, from Oxford, to inquire about the College with a view to sending his son. Had just been with Dr Pusey,1 who, I suppose, approved his making the inquiry. Seemed pleased; asked whether the boys followed any observance in Lent, to which I answered that the only difference made in their diet was that they had no puddings, – thus cutting of a luxury. I know not what he thought of this. Did not stop long, but I think it likely will send his son at Easter, for, as he has never been at School before, and Mr Richards has referred to Dr Pusey, I dare say there will be no difficulty.

Sewell came out with Mr Savory. Mrs Sheppard has, unsolicited, sent £500. Thus providence is giving us our daily bread.

Has been in London and seen Dr Wordsworth, who said that people would be sure to be with us, when they knew more. Went to Mr Page Wood, who gave us £100 for building at Stackallan, and seemed interested.

Sewell and I had a long talk about the Hall, etc, and settled about the general plan of it. It is to be 120 ft long, and at first to be divided into two, for dining room and school room. Underwood is to get regular plans at once; and Johnson is quite ready to begin.

1: See entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


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