March 25th, 1848 (Saturday)

March 25, 2010

We elected Mr Savory a fellow on Wednesday, who this day writes in acknowledgement of the compliment. “Allow me to thank you for your note, and the confidence in me implied in it”. Hopes to be here on the 10th or 11th proxo.

Mr Grimaldi called yesterday: has turned Davis out of the Park, or rather, the half which he had, and offered it to us, 112 acres for £120 per annum. Also Gould’s cottage is placed in our hands, for they will not require it, now that Norcott, Mr Kemp’s place, has been purchased by Mr Bowyer. It is only a mile off, – Norcott, I mean.1 Asked Mr Grimaldi to dine today to meet Sewell, when we can settle.

Had full choral service (though not the creed nor anthem) this morning, – King in F; – in the evening an anthem for the first time. Tallis’ 100th Psalm. The singing was very satisfactory. This day four years ago we got into our chapel at Stackallan. What a change in our circumstances since then! God grant that it may be truly for the better!

1: Norcott or Northcote appears to have been located around the eastern edge of modern Abingdon, near Thrupp. The land had been held along with Radley, by the Bowyers and the Stonhouses, since the early eighteenth century. See the entry for St. Helen’s in the Victoria County History for Berkshire.


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