March 27th, 1848 (Monday)

March 27, 2010

Letters from Ireland. K. and F.K. went to hear the organ on Wednesday; – both of them amazed and delighted. F. says; – “a glorious instrument it is. I never heard such a body of tone without one harsh note. Such magnificent trumpets, – such a magnificent case. Charmed more than I can express”. “Telford looked as if a king might envy him”. Mr Telford says; – “I feel no small degree of pleasurable pride in our success. The organ is all that I could wish, except in one or two minor points that are easily altered. The mixtures are just what they ought to be, and the reeds superb. The double trumpet adds most astonishingly to the manuals, and in the pedals is prodigious”. My mother and Samuel have heard it, and were greatly delighted.

If he can get enough off by tomorrow’s packet to keep him employed (with his men) for a week, he will, – but if not, all will (DV) come together next Tuesday week. “In any case”, he says, “we shall be able, I trust, to open a good share of it on Easter Monday”.
“His Grace of Leinster asked the Lord Lieutenant to call, but he is so busy with the rebels that he could not spare time, and I would not consent to keep it up till next week”.

A Mr Trous, Vicar of Brompton, and brother-in-law to Melhuish, along with one of his curates, friends of the Sub-warden’s, dined. Greatly pleased.

Ropes have been put to the 2 small bells, and the clappers inserted, – and then swung. They are very fine indeed. Tomorrow we hope to have the same good turn done to the great bell. At tea we talked of the comfort of giving names to the former, as we had already done to the last: so we thought of ‘Columb’ for the smallest, in honour of Ireland; ‘George’ for the middle, in compliment to England; while in Great ‘Peter’ we have the Church the base of all. Someone suggested ‘Patrick’ instead of ‘Columb’, but this would never do, for the boys would dub the poor thing ‘Pat’ on the spot.


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