April 1st, 1848 (Saturday)

April 1, 2010

I never remember so wet and mild a March; – scarcely any cold wind. The spring wonderfully forward; trees coming into leaf; – potatoes in the garden above ground. To-day is a most glorious day; all sun, with scarcely a cloud to be seen, – extremely hot. I suppose we can scarcely hope to have entirely escaped North-Easters. As yet one is quite able to enter into the descriptions of spring by the poets, which for 20 years has appeared to me to be mere poetical license. I hope the fine weather may last till Thursday next, when we hope (DV) to have the organ safely housed at Radley. By the way, the heat is so great, that it extracts a most copious odour of coal tar from the felting, which is between the slates and boarding of the roof. The Chapel smells more like a ship than anything else. I do not mind it much myself, but it may be very offensive to others. However, people say it is a wholesome smell; and also, that it will not last long. I apprehend it will be only when the sun shines strong from the south that we shall be annoyed.

Sewell came out with Messrs Low, Savory and Hoskyns of Balliol. The last has been mentioned as a desirable person for a fellow, and I had a very strong recommendation from Hobhouse this morning in his favour. He seems a very gentlemanly person, but as he would be of use only in the lower classes, I do not think we want him much at present. We stand in much more need of a mathematician or a clergyman.

Sewell has seen a favourable notice of us in the Christian remembrancer, – a very high Church periodical. How very comfortable that the feeling towards us is so generally good. As yet Fraser is the only exception.

The servitors went with Monk into the Chapel after dusk, and sang. I was not there, but the music sounded beautiful. There is abundant resonance, and yet not too much of echo-like effect. I know not how many persons it will take to injure it. Gowns are terrible absorbents of sound.


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