April 2nd, 1848 (Sunday)

April 2, 2010

Sewell walked out with his brother Henry. The latter much pleased with progress, and says his little boy is much improved. From having been much petted at home by aunts and uncles, he had acquired forward airs, which the college has much softened down.

Consulted him about taking the Park. Recommends us only to have the half, first offered, – but agrees with me in thinking £190 for 112 acres full value. Is to send a valuator from the Isle of Wight, whose report will enable us to see our way more clearly.

A thunderstorm, with heavy rain, which prevented our going to church in the afternoon. Got the boys into the chapel, and sang over the music for evening service, which sounded lovely.

Vicar gave notice of Holy Communion next Sunday. A little alarmed lest he may have no intention of administering it on Easter-day. He has it only once a quarter, and as it was omitted at Christmas, there is reason for the doubt. If so, we must acquaint the Bishop.


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