April 4th, 1848 (Tuesday)

April 4, 2010

There is to be communion at Easter; but we have suspicions that our asking the question determined the Vicar to have it.

A letter from Mr Telford. The organ is to leave Dublin today, and he expects it to arrive in Bristol tomorrow morning. Nothing can exceed the calmness and beauty of this weather; this heat began on 31st March. However, the organ is insured at 6/- per cent on £1500.

Mr Telford adds a strange rumour: – “I am informed that Mr Calkin1 has run away from St Columba’s, resigning his situation, the Repealers of Navan having threatened to pull down the College because they expelled Mr Stevenson. He would not stop a night in Dublin even, he was so alarmed. Indeed the feeling is very general, and all classes seem to expect that some rioting will take place.” Surely prompt measures at Stackallan might have prevented all this. When first Mr Stevenson’s republicanism appeared, he ought to have been got quietly to resign, instead of making him a martyr.

1: Calkin was the organist at St Columba’’s. As an Englishman, he may have felt more anxiety than the Irish Fellows as the situation in Ireland worsened


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