April 14th, 1848 (Friday)

April 14, 2010

Johnson has made out the estimate for the Hall, which comes to nearly £3000. Under these circumstances Sewell left it to us to determine whether this should be proceeded with, or a portion of the Dormitory of the same length. It appeared to us of such consequence that we should at once provide accommodation for a number of boys sufficient to cover our expenses, as well as to exhibit our dormitory system in perfect operation, which is necessarily very incomplete while confined to the house, – that we unanimously resolved to give up the Hall for this year. It is, then, proposed to apply the ground floor of the new building to chambers for 2 or 3 fellows, and the rest to a school room, the present school rooms doing very well for dining rooms. Accordingly marked out the position of it at the North front, reserving room for the Hall next the house, when it shall please Providence to enable us to set about it.

A Mr Kinnard, a partner in Dennison’s Bank, who is a friend of Mr Young’s, wanted to send two of his sons to Harrow, but was unable owing to its being so full, – when Mr Young recommended him to try to get them in here. So he wrote to me, and I invited him down hither. He came today, and is to sleep. Is a gentlemanly person, very sensible, sound Churchman; – amazed at the College, highly pleased at our observing the fasts, being accustomed to abstinence in his own family. I wrote to Mr Young about the boys, who speaks well of them.


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