April 15th, 1848 (Saturday)

April 15, 2010

A Mr R Blake Byass, of Westwood cottage, Sydenham, came with his brother-in-law, Revd. JR Nicholl, Rector of the great living of Streatham, and formerly pupil of Sewell’s. Mr Byass anxious to send his son, about whom I have written to his late tutor, Revd. Dr Proctor. The applications either for admission or information are most numerous.

The books bought by Henry Sewell, and sent to be bound, have at last arrived from London. The binder charged so extravagantly, that his demand was submitted to Bohn for his opinion, but the delay seemed interminable, and so the bill was paid. They consist chiefly of splendid copies of the classics, which were picked up at a marvellously low rate, and notwithstanding the cost of binding or repairing, cost only about 5s a volume, all round. There are 4 or 5 hundred.


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