April 16th, 1848 (Sunday)

April 16, 2010

Mr Telford went into Oxford with Monk. Greatly pleased, especially with New College, whose organ he much commends, as also that of St Mary’s. Sewell had gone in, and introduced him into the Common Room after he had been at New College.

Mr Bartley walked out. Told how he had been at Windsor and read Oedipus and Antigone before the Queen, the private band and a select chorus attending. Queen most gracious, and gave him a fine diamond ring, which he showed us. Mr Bartley had been an actor by profession, but long since retired. Is said to be a wonderful reader of Shakespeare. Sewell hopes to get him some day to read before us, though he only does so to the Court, and at Exeter College, as he has a son there.1

1: George Bartley is more usually described as a comedian rather than as a tragic actor. His wife, Sarah Smith, was renowned for her tragic roles. Both were deeply affected by the death of their only son whilst a student at Exeter College in 1843. It is puzzling, therefore, that Singleton should imply that he was still alive and at Exeter in 1848.


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