April 18th, 1848 (Tuesday)

April 18, 2010

Completed rules for the boys’ library, and called upon them to elect a Librarian. Of course the power is kept in our own hands.

It turns out that Sutton’s right arm is withered, and that he is totally unable to lift a heavy dish; so I called him yesterday, and censured him for his want of truth in telling me that he was ‘left-handed’ when he came, a statement evidently implying some very good use of his right. When I asked him what on earth he had intended doing, when, on Easter Monday (for instance) he would have to remove a heavy joint from table, and replace it by a second course, – he replied that “he intended to do his best”! – which I suppose would have been to drop it into my lap, if indeed he could get it so far. Of course gave him notice, warning him against a suppression of truth on so important a point. This day hired a regular butler, who bears a good character, having lived in one service for thirty years. We are sadly annoyed by candidates for the office of Head Servant, who, one after another, have turned out quite incompetent.

Commenced digging foundations for the Dormitory. Had a good deal of discussion about a ‘terra cotta’ roof, the advantages of which would be (professed) cheapness, and its being proof against fire. We felt some reluctance to adopt what has hardly yet been sufficiently tested by experiment, and which if a failure, would be simply ruinous.

Underwood and Johnson are both against it, so the idea is abandoned. Johnson is getting things very forward, so that we have some hopes of occupying this year.


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