April 21st, 1848 (Good Friday)

April 21, 2010

Gave all the workmen and Mr Telford’s men this day for rest and devotion, paying their wages as usual. Church very full. By the way, we long ago resolved not to think of going into the Chapel on Easter-Monday, as the organ would be very incomplete, and the Chapel would continue much encumbered by its parts. The tin front pipes have suffered a good deal in the carriage, though nothing that cannot be set to rights, but it takes time. Indeed, several matters were left to be finished after its arrival here. However, we have every hope, DV, of having all sufficiently ready by the Feast of Saint Philip and Saint James, the Monday following.

Sewell has at last completed a fair copy of the Statutes, introducing some alterations of consequence, – as for instance, – that no one can be proposed for a fellowship without the Warden’s consent. The Exeter Statute has been adopted, which gives the Rector no more influence than any of the fellows: at least a fellow might be elected in spite of him. Also the Decimals are to be nominated by the Warden and Fellows, each in rotation, instead of being elected. Elections are bad things, ingenious expedients for arousing evil passions, and perpetuating ill feeling.


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