April 23rd, 1848 (Easter Sunday)

April 23, 2010

The students have not been spending their Sundays in a reverent way, so I began this day to bring them into school for an hour before church, morning and afternoon, and there they must remain quiet. It is very difficult to know how to manage the boys on Sundays, though it is quite clear that they must not be allowed to play or riot. Took them into the Chapel after dinner, to hear some of the stops on the swell, a few of which have been inserted, though not tuned. They were delighted. When they hear it all, they will be astounded.

Howard went into Oxford; as he is going to stand for a fellowship at Oriel. The examination will last for several days in this week. His absence the better reconciles us to the delay in going into Chapel.

A letter from Mr Kinnard,1 lamenting very much that he had expressed himself in such a way as to lead us to decline receiving his sons, and asking permission to come down on Tuesday to explain.
Three boys are to come in a few days, – Kennett, (Mr Sharpe’s cousin,) Richards, and Byass.

1: Singleton persists in referring to this man as ‘Kinnard’, although his sons are entered in Radley College registers as ‘Kennard’.


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