May 26th, 1848 (Friday)

May 26, 2010

Mr I.O. Hallward, undergraduate of ‘University’ called upon me with his brother, a clergyman, who had come up to take his M.A. Nephews of Thomas Cliffe, – gentlemanly men, – greatly struck.

Nugent Wade went away. Has been here for several days. Tells me that the Stackallan folk have bought Mr Foot’s place, Holly Park, near Dublin. Have given £3500 for a lease for ever of house, &c, and 30 acres, at, I think, £150 per annum. Lord Boyne was so unreasonable that it was quite impossible for them to remain there. Yet it is a very perilous step to take; for, besides the serious expense of moving and putting the place into a condition fit for them, they must build Chapel, school room, and I know not what. However, if they would but set things right, I should have good hope. It is proposed to get rid of the Trustees as an independent, external body, and I have suggested to Wade to get them to take our constitution, a body of ‘Prior Fellows’, or some parallel arrangement. I also strongly urged that, as it was evident if they repudiated the horrid office of Trustee, (I hate the word), they must wholly remodel their Statutes, – this was a most fitting opportunity for introducing some straight-forward, honest, avowal of their principle about the Fasts of the Church, – some enactment which might save the College hereafter from intestine divisions, and the friends of it from doubt and deception. If they would do that, I would forget all that has passed, and do my best for it, consistently with my duty to this place. Wade will try his utmost to bring things round.

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