June 3rd, 1848 (Saturday)

June 3, 2010

Mr Coxe of the Bodleian, with Mrs Coxe and his sister-in-law, came to chapel and tea. It is near a year since the former two were here; – greatly gratified.

Sewell came out for the first time since his mother’s death. Talked about disposing of the grass in the Park by auction, which is to be done. Mr Saunders had proposed to him, what he had suggested to me several days ago when he came out, – that we should lease the whole of the Park, and let it to one respectable tenant, who would make it into a dairy farm. The three houses, where the dissenting washer-woman lives, would do, without case, for care-taker, etc. In fact, half the Park is not large enough to induce any grazier to take it, though the whole is. Mr Saunders is surveyor to the estate, and seems a man of intelligence and probity, – anxious to do his best to fall in with the interests of all parties, – which indeed will be no difficult matter, as our anxiety is, not to make money, but to represent the landlord. We are prepared, in fact, to lose money, for the great advantage of having the Park under our control.

Sewell likewise said that, now that the Bishop of Oxford would soon return to the country, (as he holds an ordination at Christ Church on Trinity Sunday) he was going to write to him to come to visit us as soon as possible. That afterwards he should call upon the Bishop of London and other bishops t give the countenance of their names, and support him in a work which they must allow is for the benefit, – or at least say why they hold off. Has had a very kind letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, wishing success to every really good object. By the way, Dr Bloxam1 was here the other day with Dr Brett, and mentioned that at St Augustine’s they found the present Archbishop far more easy to deal with than the late one; that he had offered no obstacle where the other continued to resist. I often think the ‘High and Dry’ people are among the worst enemies of the Church of England. It is stated, on good authority, that the Queen has intimated to his Grace her decided wish, that he should not oppose the Church party.

1: John Rouse Bloxam, Fellow of Magdalen College and Curate of Newman’s at Littlemore parish. Bloxam was regarded as the greatest proponent of ritualism associated with the High Church Movement. He was particularly responsible for the promotion of the choral tradition of Magdalen College. See entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


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