June 7th, 1848 (Wednesday)

June 7, 2010

Archdeacon Merriman1 and Mr White of New College, came out. Both are going to the Cape of Good Hope as missionaries, at the end of August. Highly pleased.

Sewell came to Chapel and tea. Disappointed at Mr Swales’ not having given us the help we expected; – but the reason most satisfactory as regards himself. However, the building has been suspended for the present. Mrs Sheppard has given another £500.

1: Nathaniel James Merriman, who later became Bishop of Grahamstown, Cape Colony. He was celebrated for his work among the Xhosa people of South Africa. He had been educated at Winchester College, a near contemporary of William Sewell. (Entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.)

Merriman’s son, John Xavier Merriman, was educated at Radley from 1856 until 1858, under the guardianship of William Sewell whilst his parents remained in South Africa. Whilst at Radley, J.X. Merriman was appointed one of the earliest prefects and rowed for the 1st VIII in one of its earliest matches at Henley. He served as Premier of Cape Colony from 1908 to 1910. (Entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.)


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