June 10th, 1848 (Saturday)

June 10, 2010

Sewell came out with Sir Frederick Ouseley, a Mr Shaw Stuart and the Sub-Rector of Exeter. Sir Frederick is a great amateur musician, and played well on the organ, of which he seems to have formed a high opinion, – but I have asked him to dine on Monday, when he will make further acquaintance with it.

Sewell has had a letter from a Mr Low, a clergyman, dating from Market Bosworth, saying what interest he had taken in St Columba’s, and that he had laid by 2 or 300 volumes for its library; but having found that there was some cloud over it, he begged to present them to St Peter’s.

1: The visit of Sir Frederick Ouseley to Radley was one of the most significant of this time. In 1848 he was preparing himself for ordination and take the degree of BMus (1850), the first man of his background to take what was seen as an anomalous and slightly non-academic subject. He was passionately committed to the performance of services from the Book of Common Prayer as fully choral. In 1856 he founded the College of St Michael at Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire which was designed to train he personnel required to perform fully choral services in his parish church. This is part of the same musical and church movement that Monk and Singleton introduced with the servitors at Radley. See entries in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and Grove Music Online.

2: Probably Rev Henry Low, BA St John’s, Cambridge, ordained in 1834. Served as Stipendiary Curate at Leicester St Mary from 1834. Source


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