June 17th, 1848 (Saturday)

June 17, 2010

Sewell has a letter from the Bishop this morning to say that he proposed coming on Monday evening, but that he must go up to London afterwards. It appears that he has to address some schools in the morning, and lay, or be present at the laying of, the foundation stone of a church in Headington.1 This will make him late, and uncertain, and hurried, here, – but it can’t be helped: it is well to have him on any terms. Sewell thought it best to drive over to Cuddesdon, which he did, and walked over hither afterwards. Told the Bishop that he had hoped to have had a longer visit from him, and to have brought together some persons to meet him; in fact, to have received him with more distinction than is now possible. The Bishop plainly expected this, but quite acquiesced in the reception being private, and in seeing matters in their everyday form. Sewell will try to get a few people, if not previously engaged, to come to tea.

Wednesday is to be our ‘Gaudy’ as St Columba’s Day fell on a Friday. A good many people are to come to dinner: – but more of this hereafter.

1: Probably the foundation stone for Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Road, Headington Quarry, Oxford. This church is an early work by George Gilbert Scott, built 1848-9.


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