June 30th, 1848 (Friday)

June 30, 2010

Mr Jones of Brasenose, and Fellow at Stackallan, called, (having met Sewell in Oxford who invited him out, -) and asked leave to attend chapel. His appearance and manners are not prepossessing. Without being solicited, he talked of matters which he should not have mentioned. They have 36 boys, (I left there 35, – so they have gained nothing by their former trimming,) which is expected to increase to 40 in August, which number will again be thinned materially, by boys going to the University in October. Ever since Mr Stevenson’s secession, or rather, expulsion, (2 months), Gabbett has been there teaching mathematics. This is a public scandal, that I shall write to Wade to remonstrate. He told Monk that, of all the boys there now, Bomford was his favourite, and that he had him constantly to his room. It is quite clear what has become of all discipline.

Monk asked how they got on with their music after Calkin’s running away. He said that for 3 weeks they had none, and that then the boys petitioned to have the Psalms chanted without the organ; which they have continued to do.

Got a letter (I think today), from Revd. Money of Sternfield, Suffolk, to say that the Bishop of Oxford had recommended St Peter’s as a proper place to send his son. This speaks well for the Bishop’s feeling to us, which we have had no means of ascertaining since his visit.


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