August 23rd, 1848 (Wednesday)

August 23, 2010

This being the first day of term the boys came back, – their number being now increased by a third: it was 22, – now it is 33. The new boys are:

  • Lumley
  • Pearse
  • Gurdon
  • Balfour
  • Moorsom
  • French
  • Kennard (Martyn)
  • Williams
  • Newland (Decimal)
  • Manning
  • Medley (son Bishop Fredericton)

The others do not seem at all sorry to come back: indeed, Captain Moorsom told me that one of the boys, whom he met in the omnibus (and whom we concluded was Sewell major) when he asked him whether he was not sad at returning to school, said that he was very glad. So said little Howard, and one or two more. This is very satisfactory. How plainly it shows that boys do not dislike discipline, when it is just, and even, and tempered with kindness. It would seem also to show, indirectly, that the chapel service is not found very irksome. I certainly have not heard the slightest thing to make me think they did find it so. Not that I should much mind if they did, – for a habit of prayer must be formed like every other habit, – by exercise. If adults, even, wait to say their prayers till they are inclined, they will often be put off altogether. Little boys, to be sure, cannot pray during the whole of a long service, – but they can keep quiet, and be reverent in manner, – all of which is a great gain. They can, also, witness the deportment of their elders, and see by them that they fall short of necessary goodness. Unless inattention be wilful, the mere atmosphere of the House of Prayer is wholesome to the souls of children. For these, and other reasons, I would not for the world dispense with the attendance of the smallest boy in the College from the Matins and Evensong.

We think that the new boys have a promising and gentlemanlike appearance. At all events, we cannot be much more careful than we are in the choice of whom we shall admit.


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