September 3rd, 1848 (Sunday)

September 3, 2010

A very kind letter from the Bishop to Sewell, saying that “he saw no objection to his proposal, and could easily understand that it would present many advantages; but that, to be in strict order, a license would be necessary, before which coming, he ought to communicate with Mr Ratcliffe”: – ending with these words; – “I rejoice in your improving and growing condition, and shall be very glad to be with you again.”

This made us go cheerily into chapel, and determined me to give the boys a sermon, which I had written during the previous week, on the chance of a favourable reply from the Bishop – subject; Naaman, out of the 1st lesson. As we have no pulpit, I stood on the top step of the sacrarium. Though I spoke very loud, the fellows told me that they missed several words. The truth is, that the chapel is very lofty, and the voice partly loses itself in the roof. However, I will try what I can do next time. So glad to preach to my dear boys; it brings one into still closer relation with them. The Head of their House being their Pastor, as well as their Master, gives him all the influence he can want, though he cannot do with less.


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