September 10th, 1848 (Sunday)

September 10, 2010

During vacation Gibbings had been here, when Sewell pressed him to become a fellow, to which he seemed greatly disposed, but has scruples about leaving his curacy. However, he was to go to Ireland, and would then consult his father, who, by the way, never much relished his going to St Columba’s. This morning I had a letter from him to say that he had obtained his father’s consent, and would become one of our Society, if we would admit him. This rejoiced us all greatly; for he is so amiable, cheerful, and good tempered, – also a good scholar, a priest, and a gentleman, that I am sure he will be a great addition to our Society, – and thus all who seceded from St Columba’s have, by a curious combination of circumstances, been brought together at St Peter’s. Thus if we were driven away from an employment, to which we were all heartily devoted, Providence has united us again in a similar work, under far higher auspices, unembarrassed by a thousand difficulties which thwarted us in Ireland, and in every possible way far superior. May God make us thankful and earnest.1

1: In fact, Rev. Robert Gibbings did not take up a post at Radley until 1853, by which time Singleton had resigned and Sewell been appointed Warden. Gibbings served as Vicar of Radley parish from 1853-1865, during which time he was also on the teaching staff of the College


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