September 20th, 1848 (Wednesday)

September 20, 2010

Got a letter from the Bishop in reply to one that I had written to him, asking permission to celebrate the Holy Communion once a month in the Chapel. Gives full consent, saying that we ought to have it more frequently than once a month. “sees no difficulty about the alms; we might from time to time send any gift which we please to the parish contributions.” Ends by “praying for God’s blessing on us and our good designs.” How kind he has been from the very beginning! Already we are in a position far beyond what we ever reached at Stackallan, – far beyond what they stand in now. This has crowned my wishes. To have the College a family and a parish the Head both Father and Priest, is the perfection of government. May God make us thankful.

A cousin of Mr Sharpe came with a letter of introduction, – Dr Henry, an Irish Presbyterian, one of the National Board. He only stopped a few minutes, having mistaken the distance from Oxford, and being obliged to be in London immediately. It was to help to counteract his influence, that Mr Sharpe contributed so largely to St Columba’s. He (Dr Henry) seemed struck, and said he hoped to come again. Large, unpolished man.

Sewell engaged a Mr Crowther to bring over his oxy-hydrogen microscope to exhibit to the boys, – which was done in the Schoolroom to their great delight. The gambols of mites, and the heavings of a diminutive leach, scarcely half of which could be seen, were the most attractive of the sights. What struck me most was the process of the crystallization of salts. The man was a very vulgar, ignorant, creature, who, when he began to play the Divine, became offensive. However, we had a very pleasant hour.

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