September 25th, 1848 (Monday)

September 25, 2010

Mr Bowels came to explain a disappointment which we have just met with, and which Gibbings caused by a letter yesterday. Mr Bowels was to have been ordained yesterday by the Bishop of Oxford for Mr Houblon’s curacy, and Gibbings was to have joined us at Michaelmas. Owing to some carelessness, or accident, or something not understood very well, – Mr Bowels is not to be ordained till Christmas, so that Gibbings cannot be here till next term. For more reasons than one this is annoying. The daily service is entirely dependent upon myself, so if I get ill I literally know not what we should do. A cold or sore throat might derange the whole system, than which nothing could be worse. Any feeling of poverty, or incompleteness, or uncertainty, would lower the College at once in the estimation of the boys. There is great majesty in unvarying law, which knows no infraction. However, Providence will order things right: hitherto I have had the blessing of immunity from almost all ailments.

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