November 18th, 1848 (Saturday)

November 18, 2010

Mrs, Miss and Revd. William Cotton, and Dr and Mrs Acland, dined.

Wade went away. He has been here for a few days. Had been in Ireland, and seen the Primate, who will consent to the new statutes of St Columba’s. His Grace was very indignant at the gifts being withheld from me and others, who presented them on the distinct understanding that the whole discipline of the Church should be carried out. This is just what we expected from his honest mind. We knew all along that the Trustees were keeping him in the dark, as to the true position of things; yet Sewell called upon them to lay a letter of his on the subject before the Archbishop. I confess to some uneasiness about the termination of the whole affair; I fear want of firmness.


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