November 25th, 1848 (Saturday)

November 25, 2010

The Rev. J.B. [sic] Lowe, the chaplain at Madeira whom the government dismissed for obeying the Prayer Book, has just been here.1 A most pleasing person, – charmed with the College.

1: Although Singleton clearly writes ‘J.B.’ he must mean Richard Thomas Lowe, (1802-1874), naturalist, friend and correspondent of Charles Darwin and Thomas Wollaston. He was appointed Chaplain to the Anglican Church at Madeira in 1832/3, having studied the natural history of the islands since 1828. He was strongly influenced by Tract No. 1 and his subsequent enthusiasm for the Oxford Movement brought him into lengthy conflict with his parishioners. In 1847, Queen Adelaide attempted to resolve the argument when on her visit to Madeira, but without notable success. On 22 November 1847, Palmerston removed Lowe from his position, replacing him with Thomas Brown. Lowe and his wife finally left Madeira in 1852. See entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


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