December 10th, 1848 (Sunday)

December 10, 2010

Howard wrote some time ago to his brother-in-law, Mr Gaye, who has a church in Ipswich, to say that we were very much in want of a priest, who could chant the service, to relieve me, on whom all the responsibility of the Daily Prayer rests. He had a letter today to say that there was a Mr Boucher, a curate near to Ipswich, who, he thought, would answer our purpose. This was accompanied by one from Mr Boucher to me, which I confess I did not much like, as it had the air of vulgarity and egotism. However, we have agreed to send for him, as our necessities are very pressing, for I have not only the service to read twice a day, but the arithmetic and mathematics of the entire school are on my hands. It makes one quite fidgety to think of how much depends upon one person. This Mr Boucher being a Cambridge BA may be able to relieve me a good deal. What increases uneasiness is the closeness of the vacation.


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