December 12th, 1848 (Tuesday)

December 12, 2010

Examination began.

Mr Boucher came in accordance with my note. He seems a good churchman, – quite sound upon the Roman question, and, though ill health prevented his taking a distinguished degree at Cambridge, yet has been in the habit of teaching both Classics and mathematics. I confess I think him vulgar, but Howard says that I have been so accustomed to well-bred people, that I am expecting too much. He has published a book against the Romanists and other dissenters, which has alarmed me, lest he should be antagonistic; but he says he ‘hates controversy,’ and was only driven to it by the suspicions of his Romanism, and other circumstances.1

Ever since Sam Singleton has been here, there has been a wish among the Fellows that he should be admitted into the body. I have given it but little encouragement; for, though I admit that I should be glad to see him a Fellow, yet I am apprehensive of unfitness on two or three accounts. I have spoken to them most openly, but the pressure has been kept up, and as Sewell wishes it strongly, I have given way; so this day he was elected. It would have been wiser to have waited, till after residence for some time, doubts should be cleared away; – but this would be attended with difficulty; – so I can only hope that all is for the best.

1: The only book known to be by John Boucher is Lecture notes on the Sacramental Articles and Offices of the Church of England, to elucidate the Prayer-Book principles of the Reformation, published by Mowbrays in 1878. It may be that ‘published’ is too strong a term for a privately printed pamphlet circulated by a young curate in or before 1848.

See Venn’s Alumni Cantabrigienses: John Boucher.


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