January 1849

January 1, 2011

[Continued from the entry for 19th December, 1848]

The fear of inability to continue this my journal expressed on page 106, seems to have been verified sooner than I expected.

I am now writing at York, February 27th 1874, after reading through it for the first time during the past 25 years. This has been done preparatory to my committing it, along with several important documents, to the private custody of the Warden of St Peters for the time being, with the understanding that all is to be returned to me, or to the head of my family, in case of the College degenerating into a private or proprietory school.1

At this spot the work comes to a termination, and an abrupt one. However, on two sheets of paper, inclosed between the two proceeding leaves, I find scribbled the briefest memoranda of occurrences, which had evidently been intended to furnish matter for fuller notice. As there is no knowing of what value such trifles may be in the time to come, I do not like to throw the papers into the fire, without an endeavour to methodise their contents, and insert them here in the best form that I can.

1: In 1874, the Warden of Radley College was the Rev. Charles Martin. He had been appointed as Warden in 1871, and continued in the post until 1879. He was the fifth Warden to succeed Singleton, and, apart from William Sewell, the was to be the longest serving so far.

From this point onwards, Singleton’s “briefest memoranda” are recorded along with any marginal notes he made. The notes finally conclude in late 1849, though Singleton himself would remain as Warden until he finally resigned, along with his brother, in October 1851.

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