December 1849

December 1, 2011

[Many of the entries were annotated by Singleton when he transcribed them into the journal in 1874.]

December 6, Thursday

Howard was elected Vinirian Scholar, having become a Scholar of Lincoln College, November 9, 1843, and taken his B.A. June 3rd, 1847. Ratcliffe would have voted for him, but that he said in his note that he had been at Radley from its beginning A friend of Howard’s told him that Ratcliffe had been heard to say ‘that he hated Radley every day more than ever.’

December 9, Sunday

Now that I can approve the statutes of St Columba’s, I have offered them a large supply of Service Books, which Monk and I originally got printed for the use of that College. I do this now before we proceed to cancel all the chants, in order to introduce Monk’s Anglicana Chant Book. Tripp writes word that they have got into their new wooden Chapel, which has been given to them by the Primate. Telford says it is very nice. Sewell gave them some stained lights.

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