April 1849

April 1, 2011

[Many of the entries were annotated by Singleton when he transcribed them into the journal in 1874.]

April 2, Monday

Some time during the Passion Week we discovered that the boys would rather be in chapel than in school.

April 8, Easter Day

Had Tallis’ Service in the chapel, and Croff’s Anthem ‘God is gone up.’

(I am pretty sure that I chanted the Litany. 27/2/74)

April 10, Easter Tuesday

Henry Sewell and Wade came. Money matters were talked about.

(I suppose with reference to St Columba’s. 27/2/74)

April 11, Wednesday

Henry William Wilberforce brought his son, and the Bishop applied for two more sons.

(I do not understand what ‘more sons’ means. 27/2/74. Were not Garton and Reginald in the College now? Or, were not the Bishop’s sons Reginald Garton, and Ernest? Had not Henry William Wilberforce a son at the College now? 12/3/74)

April 12, Thursday

Wilson, Cardale and Mason came to the College.

April 13, Friday

My brother Samuel arrived, having been elected to a Fellowship on the 12th of December last year.

April 14, Saturday

The Bishop had a party; also the Hon. Richard Cavendish, paid us a visit.

April 17, Tuesday

Mr Lavington went into Oxford: (I suppose he was staying in the College, and brought out word that he considered, 27/2/74) our service to be better performed than either Christ Church, or Magdalene.

April 21, Saturday

Majendie came

April 23, Monday

Harington came

April 26, Thursday

Thynne (major) came