October 1849

October 1, 2011

[There are no entries in the Journal between 20th June and 27 October, 1849. Many of the entries were annotated by Singleton when he transcribed them into the journal in 1874.]

October 27, Saturday

About this date, – certainly no later, went to Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, to meet William and Robert Sewell. This I think was for the further purpose of looking at Appuldurcombe House, with the idea of taking it for the College, as there were difficulties about a permanent settlement at Radley. Took my meals with them and their sisters, but slept at some hotel, or other place, in the neighbourhood.

October 28, Tuesday

Sat immediately in front of Mr Paget at church: – author of Milford Malvoisin, etc.

October 31, Wednesday

Returned to the College, where I found the Fellows in a state of no small excitement, in consequence of hissing having been heard among the boys. This is serious, and must be inquired into tomorrow. Six or eight of the elder ones suspected either of the act itself, or of complicity with it.